Christian Courtship

The classes are designed to help you understand the value of Christian courting to be married and that  “worldly” dating is not God’s best for you when you desire to be married.

Who are you?

Identifying and relating your relationships to who you are today. Discovering first-hand your past and allowing God to help you make peace with your past.

Becoming a Christian.

Discovering or rediscovering God’s will for your life.  Accepting Jesus as Lord of your life and identifying the benefits of being a Christian.  Writing and talking about your new and/or ongoing relationship with God.

Developing a Godly Relationship before Marriage.

Addressing what it means to be single in Christ.  Identifying the biblical instructions for being unmarried (through the choice not to be married; through divorce; through being a widow or widower) in different aspects of your life such as personal, financial and spiritual. Identifying the characteristics of a strong Godly relationship and how these characteristics relate to Christian courting and marriage.

Christian Courtship: A Commitment for Marriage.

Learning to be brothers and sisters in the Lord. Learning what it takes to be committed to God’s voice about marriage (staying pure; fellowshipping instead of “worldly” dating; observing your future mate). Discovering how your character and integrity can grow as an unmarried.

A Sacrificial Relationship:  Finding a Wife and Being Found. 

Learning and committing to marriage as a sacrifice of yourself. Identifying the steps to your sacrifice. Seeking and listening to the wisdom from the Spirit of God and elders regarding your courtship.  Seeking and listening to the wisdom of others regarding the mate you are looking to marry and the mate you want to find you.

 The Four Stages of Christian Courtship.

Defining each stage of Christian courtship. Determining your commitment to be married or your decision to remain unmarried.

Ending a Christian Courtship.

A Christian courtship should end when you recognize that it will not end in marriage.

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